Anbu Mask Hack 100% Work & Permanent

Posted by Gentho on 10:12 AM, 22-May-11

Tools: 1. Mozzila/Chrome 2. Fiddler2 3. SWF Files : Download 4. data_library_en : Download Steps: 1. Download the required file from the link above. 2. It is in .rar format, so you will need WinRAR to extract the files out. 3. Extract them all. 4. Open Fiddler. 5. Select file and drag it into the Autoresponder tab of Fiddler. 6. Make sure 'Enable Auto...' and 'Permit passthrough...' are both ticked. 7. Enter Ninja Saga. Don't forget to clear cache. Take Note: Del... [Read More]

Buy Pets Before lv.20

Posted by Gentho on 09:49 AM, 22-May-11

This cheat is very useful for Genin. Tools: 1. Browser 2. Cheat Engine Steps: 1. Play NS 2. Open Cheat Engine, select process to your browser 3. Scan your gold. 4. Double Click the address scanned. 5. Next Scan. 6. Scan1(Genin’s rank) 7. Find address that almost similar with your gold address, change the value to 5 (Tensai Jounin’s rank) 8. Add +34 in the gold address (example: 12345ASDF became 12345ASDF+34) 9. Change value... [Read More]

Jounin Exam Cheat

Posted by Gentho on 09:38 AM, 22-May-11

Tools: 1. Cheat Engine 2. Browser Steps: 1. Play NS 2. Go to Kage Room 3. Open Jounin exam 4. Open Cheat Engine 5. Process using the plugin_container or your browser. 6. Select the TEXT and don't tick ASROM 7. Then scan the mission you want to pass 8. Pass Jounin Exam Part 5 9. Scan mission_136 10. Then come a next address 11. Double click the address. 12. Change value to mission_121 13. Enter the Ninja Saga 15. Play... [Read More]

Season 14 Clan Tournament Winner

Posted by Gentho on 08:03 PM, 20-May-11

Congratulations to Clan
Tournament Season 14
Champion: Elite Latina
1st Runner-Up: Filipino
2nd Runner-Up: 0ne Piece
3rd Runner-Up: Zheninjas
Other Winners: Pasukan
Kamikaze, Pilipinas, Last
KeepchipsDOTcom, GoDz
NinJaZ CLaN, Shad0w
Ninja Clan, Kyuukyoku

Cheat Agility

Posted by Gentho on 06:58 PM, 15-May-11

Cheat agility on Ninja Saga with cheat engine. Tools: 1. Cheat Engine 2. Firefox/Chrome Steps: 1. Open Ninja Saga then play 2. Go to your profile 3. Open Cheat Engine, open Plugin Container.exe. Scan type: Array Of Bytes and scan 01 00 00 00 14 00 00 00 14 00 4. Double Click the address scanned 5. Change the value to 04 00 00 00 64 00 00 00 64 00 6. Close your profile and re-open... [Read More]